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    using be used to and get used to with gerunds

    Can anybody help me to know if it is correct to use the gerunds in the combination of verbs like:
    be used to + gerund
    get used to + gerund
    And also would you give some examples?

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    Re: using be used to and get used to with gerunds

    In sentences like:

    You should be used to driving that car by now.
    My mother will have to get used to looking at my new haircut.

    driving and looking are not technically gerunds; they are progressive verbs. Progressive verbs and gerunds usually look the same, (bare infinitive form of the verb + ing) but they function differently in a sentence.

    I am driving to work. (present progressive tense)
    Driving is difficult. (gerund)

    A gerund is a verb (usually ending in ing) that functions as a noun in a sentence.
    A progressive verb is one that indicates an ongoing action.

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