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1) Explain what is happening to the Prinsloo family under the apartheid laws.

The Prinsloo family described in this excerpt from “Ah, but your land is beautiful” by “Alan Paton”, published 1981, is an conventional family which suffers under the apartheid laws in South Africa.

The Prinsloos’ life seems to work quite well. Mr. Lodewyk Prinsloo is married, has got children visiting school and works as a clerk-in-charge. They are an average and respectable family.
But then it turns out, that Mr. Prinsloo is classified as a coloured person on his birth certificate. He had labeled himself as a member of the white race, however. Therefore, two inspectors pay him a visit and tell him which consequences he has to face. Lodewyk tries to explain, that his most of his family was white and even his mother looked white even though she was classified as a coloured woman. Nevertheless, the inspectors just ignore what Lodewyk said and inform him that he is discharged as from today because a coloured man is not allowed to be a clerk-in-charge. Moreover, he has to move from his current town to a place where coloureds are allowed to live. Even his children have to change school because they are not allowed to visit a school for whites anymore. Finally, the policemen tell him that he has three month to meet these requirements.
So the well-ordered family life is totally mixed up in a few moments.