Kindly help me to answer all my confusions with these sentences:
1. The Eskimos wear animal fur to protect them against the cold weather.
2. They should wear lead shields and follow recommended safety guideline to protect themselves from unnecessary exposure.
Here are my questions:
a. In No. 1, Can i use the reflexive pronoun themselves instead of them? or Can I use both?
b. Aren't No. 1 & 2 the same??why are they different??Why is No. 1 "to protect them" and No. 2 "to protect themselves"? Which one is correct and which one is wrong?
c. I found No. 1 sentence in the book and No. 2 in an Expert-made test for English teachers..Could you pls. give me a clear explanation to these?

thank you so much!!Hope to receive more explanations from all of you