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    Default Noncount nouns and determiners-please help!!

    the book says these are not correct but I think they are so I'm wondering if the book is wrong. Please let me know!

    I get a little mail everyday.
    I get a few letters everyday.
    I get too many letters everyday.
    I get several letters everyday.
    I get three letters everyday.

    The book says all of these are wrong. Why?!

    Why would I say 'there are too many cars in the street?'
    and not 'There are too much cars in the street?'

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    Because of English rules:

    mail (normally uncount)
    Eve native speakers don't know, mail is uncount. So we can only say "a piece of mail".
    Mail is countable only if it means letter/parcel etc. delivered/collected at one secific time/period

    letter (cuntable)
    It means mail.

    everyday (adj)
    every day (with a space in between!!) (adv)

    "Many" can only be used for countable nouns
    "Much" can only be used for uncountable nouns.

    Determiners for count noun only
    - a few, few, many

    Determiners for uncount noun only
    - a little, little, a great deal, a good deal

    Determiners for both
    - some, a lot of, lots of

    To correct your statements:
    I get a few pieces of mail every day.
    I get a few letters every day.
    I get too many letters every day.
    I get several letters every day.
    I get three letters every day.
    There are too many cars in the street

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