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    Post Wake him up/Wake up him

    I'm at a loss in my attempts to understand the definitive rule for examples such as those described below (if there is definitive rule, that is).

    These, I see written all the time...

    'I intend to wake him up.'
    'He is tucking his legs up onto the comfy chair.'
    'She ripped the bed of pins away from her face.'
    'She beats people up all the time.'

    Are they incorrect? Is this how they should be written...

    'I intend to wake up him.' (clearly this is wrong)
    'He is tucking up his legs onto the comfy chair.'
    'She ripped away the bed of pins from her face.'
    'She beats up people all the time.'


    Is there a difference between the examples? If so, how does one tell?

    Thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wake him up/Wake up him

    With most phrasal verbs, it's the use of a pronoun that makes the difference. We don't position the pronuon after the phrasal verb.

    Go wake up your sister.
    Go wake your sister up.
    Go wake her up.
    But not: Go wake up her.

    I looked up the word in the dictionary.
    I looked the work up.
    I lokked it up.
    But not: I looked up it.

    She beat him up
    She beat Jim up
    She beat up Jim
    But not: She beat up him

    I don't really see "rip away" as a phrasal verb - "away" is just a preposition for me.

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