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Thread: "wait forfard"

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    Smile "wait forfard"

    Is there any usage of these two wards together in English?- "wait forward", or 'wait' is always followed by the prep 'for'?
    thank you for helping

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    You can not say wait forward.
    We usually say wait (for sb/sth) which means 1 ~ to stay where you are or delay doing sth until sb/sth comes or sth happens:
    Ive been waiting (for) twenty minutes. Wait for me! Were waiting for the rain to stop before we go out.
    2 ~ (for sth) to hope or watch for sth to happen, especially for a long time:
    [V] Leeds United had waited for success for eighteen years. This is just the opportunity Ive been waiting for. Hes waiting for me to make a mistake.
    3 (be waiting) (of things) to be ready for sb to have or use:
    [V] Theres a letter waiting for you at home. [V to inf] The hotel had a taxi waiting to collect us.
    4 [V] to be left to be dealt with at a later time because it is not urgent:
    Ive got some calls to make but they can wait until tomorrow. Im afraid this cant wait. Its very important.

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