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    They examined every square inch of the house; they took the furniture to pieces; they even satisfied themsel es that he had not buried it anywhere near the house.
    What is the meaning of the red part?

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    Re: meaning

    Presumably, they dug holes or checked that the ground had not been disturbed around the house.

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    Re: meaning

    I presume you are asking about the meaning of
    ...even satisfied themselves...

    one meaning of 'satisfy' is:
    to provide someone with adequate information or proof so that they are convinced about something

    Hence, they must have searched near the house for signs that something had been buried recently, such as freshly turned soil, and kept searching for such signs without finding any, until they were convinced "he had not buried it anywhere near the house".

    Here, they are not providing someone else with the information, but have to "satisfy themselves", convince themselves - they were being thorough in their search!

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