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    Default white noise soundtrack?

    Dear Teachers,

    I read this in Blue Heaven by C. J. Box:

    "He'd come to the conclusion that although it was possible for country people to move to a city and eventually adapt, it didn't work the other way around. He'd never fully get used to doing without; not having a vast choice of restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, the welcome blanket of anonymity within a white noise soundtrack."

    What is "the welcome blanket of anonymity within a white noise soundtrack"?

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    Default Re: white noise soundtrack?

    "White noise" is technically a random electronic signal with flat power spectral density. It is that hissing sound you get on radios when you are searching for a station. It is also used to blank out irritating noises if you suffer from tinnitus.

    The sentence is suggesting that urban man enjoys a sense of anonymity in the overall noisiness and bustle of the city, whereas in the country his actions will stand out.

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