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    plz give some opinions(A composition)

    plz help me with checking if any grammer mistakes or inappropriate sentences, thanks!~

    subject :the good reasons for cell phones.
    ( I invent this subject by myself )

    content :

    People hold many different opinions about this issue
    because it is such a complex one.
    Some people seem to think that the cell phone is not important,
    while other people tend to think that the cell phone is important.
    Nevertheless, I have come to my own conclusion.
    There are three reasons why I think that the cell phone is important.

    One reason is fun.
    At times our life is dull and boring.
    However, there are not only a lot of built-in games but also many
    entertaining information on cell phones.
    When young people are waiting for a bus,
    they can also play with cell phones or get lots of traveling information on it.
    So, cell phones can be both entertaining and educational to youngsters.

    Another reason is security.
    When we are in a danger situation,
    we can call the police by using the cell phones.
    People’s life is the most important thing,
    so the use of cell phones should not be restricted.
    Only by having a cell phone with us can we save our lives everywhere.

    However, the most important reason is convenient.
    Sometimes, we need to make a phone call in order to tell our friends or
    family members some information.
    With cell phones, our friends cannot miss any information which
    may be urgent for them.
    The cell phone is so convenient that we can always see many people going out with it.
    This is a significant advance in technology, which has greatly benefited us.

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    Re: plz give some opinions(A composition)

    cell phones are not important
    cell phones are important
    much (not many) information
    play games on their cell phones
    We can call the police on our cell phones.
    (or: We can call the police by using our cell phones)
    the most important reason is convenience

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