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    Post as John McCain’s ‘pitbull in lipstick’

    From Watch out Obama - I'm a pitbull in lipstick, says barnstorming Sarah Palin | Mail Online

    Sarah Palin recast herself as John McCain’s ‘pitbull in lipstick’ early today to defy her detractors and crown a rollercoaster week with a barnstorming speech to accept the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nomination.

    1) what Sarah Palin meant with "I'm a pitibull in lipstick."?

    2)What does "crown a rollercoaster week" mean?

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    Re: as John McCain’s ‘pitbull in lipstick’

    #1 She is metaphorically comparing herself to a pitbull terrier, dogs bred for dogfighting and notorious for their trait of holding onto whatever they bite. She is suggesting she never lets go once she gets a hold on something.

    #2 To crown something means to acknowledge it to have reached the highest or perfect state.

    rollercoaster week - a week in which events went from high to low to high points.

    To crown a rollercoaster week = the week's final event is a high point.

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