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    Default a car called SLK or a SLK?

    When should we use the article 'a' before a car name?

    A small, two-seat sports car called SLK is due in' 96, priced about $ 35,000.

    In 2004 a car called Sandstorm drove nearly seven; and a half miles without a human driver.

    Hundreds of enthusiasts maintain their old Healeys in showroom condition because they feel that there's never been another car like it. Well, now there is, as long as they're allowed to go on calling it a Healey .

    Could I ask native speakers to help me please? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: a car called SLK or a SLK?

    When it is a reference to the make of car:

    a Rolls-Royce
    a BMW
    a Rover

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