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    help with irregular verbs!

    Hi, I'm an English tutor in Puerto Rico. I'm trying to teach my students about irregular verbs, but I can't seem to find a good explination about irregular verbs in past participle tense. Please help me know how to explain this rule!

    Thank you,


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    Re: help with irregular verbs!

    First, if you want your students memorize the most commonly used irregular verbs, follow this way:

    1- Master the verb to BE.

    2. Divide the verbs according to their resemblance:

    A. (no difference) cut - cut - cut
    let - let - let ...etc.

    B. (slight difference) speak - spoke - spoken
    break - broke - broken ...etc.

    C. (complete difference) do - did - done ...etc

    For your question, first, you've to introduce the tenses where the past participle can be used such as perfect tense, passive voice etc.

    That, of course, depends on your students' age

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    Re: help with irregular verbs!

    On our irregullar verbs list, we have put similar verbs into groups: Log In - (Members' Are3)
    In the public area list, you will be shown verbs that follow the same pattern when you clicvk on an individual verb:
    Here's the page for ring

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    Re: help with irregular verbs!

    See the thread within discussion forums: Best Ways to Learn Irregular Verbs

    What are so far in my view the best ways to learn and understand how to use irregular verbs are mentioned there.

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