Hi folks! I have just emailed my manager who is very particular about grammar ...I am just a bit worried if what i have emailed below is grammatically correct? appreciate your help ! thank you!

"Hi Pxxx,

I have noticed the roster has been updated till November the 26th.
I would like to let you know well in advance about my upcoming exam
period since I thought it would give you more room to plan the next roster period from
November 26th (besides approaching you for the exam leave request at that time ...)

I have got three exams with the first one starting Thursday 27th of November , followed
by the second on Monday 1st of December and finally Tuesday 2nd of December. I shall be
taking exam leaves on each of these days, starting wednesday 26th of November till
tuesday 2nd of December.

Also , after December the 2nd, i would have no more comittments to study and free to
work extra hours (during weekends etc) if need be :)

Sunny "

thats it ! thanks for your reply !