Could you correct my text please? I appreciate your help a lot...

Every child must have a strong personality not to be influenced by certain dangerous friends. When I saw that girl for the first time, eight years ago, I knew she would become one of my close friends, maybe the closest one. After I saw how Maude acted towards others I was certain I wanted to be her friend.
I met that girl, surrounded with tennis balls, during a tennis lesson that was her first. At that time I must admit she looked like a tomboy, but today it is not the case anymore. Our parents became close in no time while waiting for us during our activity. Little by little our friendship developed. We spent more and more time together, and not only on a tennis court as it used to be at the beginning. When in fourth grade, after a tennis match when we had played one against the other, our parents made us an unforgettable suggestion: to enlist us in a "sport-études" section the next year. From that moment on, we became closer than ever! Apart from spending hours and hours together, we were now attending the same school. Moreover, because we had reached a better level at tennis thanks to our numerous tennis lessons (our skill level had increased significantly), we were traveling throughout Quebec for tournaments. To sum up, we were together all week long.
A proof that our friendship used to be and still is very strong is that we are still close today even if we chose a different high school program and also we will never forget one aspect of our lives : our shared passion for tennis.