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    Default Are the hyphens correctly used?

    It seems to me that the use of hyphens is only confined to native-speakers. However, I "accidentally" turned to use them every now and then when writing, though I'm not sure if I've got them right. Would you please check them for me? Thanks very much.

    1. She was always one of classic examples in his heart of "hard-working-producing-substantial-results".

    2. He had a complete change of attitude towards her, dreaming about getting to know this "never-getting-a-boyfriend" girl, as she was once termed by him.

    3. How could they be impressed by his "not-so-good" accent?

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    Default Re: Are the hyphens correctly used?

    The hyphens are OK, but number one is a bit cumbersome. You need 'one of the' in #1.
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