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    Could anyone help me with my Newspaper Article?

    I finished my Newspaper Article tonight, written on the state of school bathrooms. If anybody could help me edit, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Four participants in a survey conducted on Friday morning regarding student bathrooms at Woodstock Collegiate Institute concluded that while bathrooms are not in critical condition, improvements could be beneficial.

    “The girls bathrooms are cleaner,” said Rob Cole when asked which bathrooms are maintained better.

    Cole, a custodian of twenty-four years, went on to say that he’s had to clean graffiti from the walls and unplug toilets on several occasions.

    Regardless, Nicole Harding, a freshman at Woodstock Collegiate Institute, noticed a big improvement from her elementary school’s bathrooms.

    “They’re definitely much cleaner than the ones at Beachville,” said Harding, whose only criticism of the girls’ bathroom was that the colour of the walls is distracting.

    Craig Miller, a junior, also noticed cleanliness, but revealed that for grades nine and ten he used the public library’s bathrooms because the ones at the school “couldn’t compare.”

    Miller also acknowledged that he once refused to use the bathroom because of its unsanitary state.

    “Why didn’t anybody ever come to me?” asked principal Ms. Ruth Murray, who admits to being unaware of the condition of student bathrooms.

    Though having dealt with poorer bathroom conduct in other schools, Murray confirmed that the issues raised will be investigated and hopefully resolved in the future.

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    Re: Could anyone help me with my Newspaper Article?


    “Why didn’t anybody ever come to me about the problems?”

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