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    Default My motivation letter!

    Hello everybody!

    A friend of mine adviced me to visit this site for a good&firm spelling/grammatical check on my motivation letter.

    Although I can make myself understandable in English, I'm not sure if my motivation letter is any good, because I tend make alot grammatical mistakes(I have no idea what the actual name for it is, but I mean mistakes like this one: ''It brought me alot of fun'' , you know what it means, but it isn't right)

    For the ones who are going to read it, thanks alot, I appreciate it!



    Langstraat 4A
    6333 CE Schimmert
    The Netherlands
    Tel: 045-404-2209

    3rd May, 2009

    Tilburg University
    International Student Services, K235
    Warandelaan 2
    5037 AB Tilburg
    The Netherlands

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    My name is Christopher Starmans, I’m 17 years old, born on the 2nd of October 1991 in Heerlen, and I would like to apply for the ‘Economics’ Bachelor-programme at your university. Currently, I’m finishing my VWO-degree at Stella Maris College Meerssen. I’m in the ‘E&M’ stream, which includes advanced economics.

    The past two years I’ve been researching different bachelor programmes, and narrowed my options down to a few. When I visited an open day at the university of Tilburg, and attended a course about the new ‘Economics’ programme, I knew that this was a programme that would challenge me, and thus interest me. The economy has always been important in our lives, so understanding how it actually works and functions seems very interesting and also profitable to me. Also, because the ‘Economics’ programme is international, it doesn’t tie you down to remain in the Netherlands for your entire life, but instead, it gives you to opportunity to build your future anywhere you want, which fits perfectly in my later ambitions, such as going to (and maybe settling) in the Asian world, which I’ve always been fascinated with.

    Although the university of Maastricht also offers the ‘economics’ programme, and is only a half an hour away from here, I prefer the university of Tilburg for 2 reasons, firstly: the university of Tilburg is a smaller university, which means there is more room for teacher-student conversation and attention, so if there would be something I wouldn’t understand, I can immediately ask a teacher for guidance. Secondly: the university of Maastricht uses their so-called ‘PGO’-system, which I’m not a big fan of.

    I’m from a typical rural village in the southern parts of Limburg, and thus, my international experiences are limited to vacation and school trips to European countries (such as Germany, France, Italy, The U.K. and Austria). Because I haven’t explored much of the world, I want to have a career which is international, and allows me to venture through the entire world, so I can see the many things our world has to offer, and also, to become successful.

    As for my later career goals, as I mentioned before, I have ambitions to become international successful, preferably in the Asian world, because I believe that’s where the future will be the best(for several reasons). I’m hoping I can become successful in the banking sector, because banking is a very interesting part of the economy, and also a complicated one. Since I was a little boy I always found it odd how people could use so many types of money in the entire world, and why ,for example, people couldn’t pay with euro’s in the U.K. , and how exactly the exchange rates work.

    I hope by sending you this letter, I get accepted for your ‘Economics’ Programme, and allowing me to answer those questions, and getting me another step closer to an international future.

    I am looking forward to your reply,

    Yours sincerely,

    Christopher Starmans

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    Smile Re: My motivation letter!

    I have ambitions to become international successful = I have the ambition to become internationally succesful

    your letter is ok not too long ..,.not too formal ...congratulations

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