This is basically a formal letter written to the Municipal Council about student who are boarding the public bus in the middle of a congested road, and not at the bus stop. This is a response to a newspaper article.

Abadi Indah Condominium
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur

20 March 2009

Head of Directors
Petaling Jaya Municipal Council
Jalan Yong Shook Lin
46675 Petaling Jaya

Dear Sir,
I am writing to draw your attention in response to the photograph that was recently published in the local newspaper. I would also like to offer some recommendations pertaining to this issue.
The first issue that I would like to point out is the negligence of road safety amongst the bus’s passengers. It appeared to us that many people are depending on the public bus service in our town to commute to and from their workplace or school. However, it is devastating to see that these everyday users have lack of awareness in them regarding road safety. It can be vividly seen from the photograph that the students in their school uniform are queuing to board the bus in the middle of a busy road. This might occur because they don’t want to wait for the bus to stop at the bus stop, as they might not get a seat.
If this is not the case, then I would like to highlight my second concern, which is the irresponsibleness of most today’s bus drivers. It has occurred to me that perhaps these bus drivers are reluctant to stop at the respective bus stop solely because of the congested road. By doing so, it might disturb their schedule leading them to callously order the bus passengers to board the bus in the midst of the heavily congested road. Another likely reason is perhaps that most of the road users are ignorantly hesitant to make way for the bus to stop at the bus stop as they are trying to be on time.
Thus, I would also like to recommend a few plausible suggestions that could be taken to curb this issue. It is vital to promote awareness amongst the passengers of the bus about road safety which can be done by enunciating campaigns through posters or advertisements in mass media about the importance of this matter. Not only that, it is also important to remind the road users about common road courtesy, that is to give way to the buses as they are nearing the bus stop. Likewise, surveillance by the municipal council officers is also crucial in ensuring that bus drivers stop exactly at the bus stop. These are only some of the endeavours that could be taken to create a better atmosphere in our modern society.

I would highly appreciate your immediate attention to this matter, solely for the sake of everyone’s satisfaction. I utterly believe that our town would be a better place if this matter is entertained properly. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,