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    Default know/be aware of

    I'd like to know the difference between "(1)" and "(2)".
    1. Do you know the time?
    2. Are you aware of the time?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: know/be aware of

    "Do you know the time?" can of course be used in a normal everday situation when one wants to know what time it is.

    But it can also be used pragmatically as a criticism or order, or a reminder, along with "Are you aware of the time?"

    Do you know the time?/Are you aware of the time?/It's late/Are you watching the clock/Hey, it's six o'clock!/Are you out of bed yet?Get up!, you're going to be late.

    Do you know the time?/Are you aware of the time?.

    Yes, thanks.

    I just thought I'd remind you that you have to leave soon.

    Yeah, you're right. I better get going.


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