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    What are basic meanings for preparation words “off”,”out”,”down”,"about”

    What are basic meanings for preparation words “off”,”out”,”down”,”about”in short verb phrases.
    Absolutely, we can get definition from dictionary. Those definitions are perfect accurate to make sense but don’t help us a lot to understand,just like a native speaker.
    For instance, look at this sentence “Jack wants them to believe he was twenty-one,but he didn’t carry it off.”
    Looked up dictionary, I learnt what is meaning for “carry it off”, but why we use “off” following after “carry”? What is meaning here for “off”. Another example is “show off”, every one knows the meaning but why using “off”?
    There was once I saw a video in which there a English teacher explained meaning of“up”. He gave the three simple definition for it.
    Then I found it gave me well basic sense to understand such as “bring up”, ”come up”, “show up” ,those kind of short verb phrases.
    So I hope this is a good example for you to give me simple and basic meanings for above preparations.
    You may not be able to give explanations for all above preparations, just do as much as you can or you want. I will appreciate your help .And please don't forget“the simple is the better.” I want to see no dictionary like explanations in your post.
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