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    Default Qustion tag+ some grammer tasks pls correct if wrong

    1 they had n't much food to eat had they?
    2 eveyone is busy. are n't they?
    3 he dare not meet me dare he?
    4 some of us are going out are n't we?
    5 examiniation have been postponed have n't they?
    6 he used to visit our office did n't he?
    7 i am easy irritated, arenít I?

    8 please post this letter will you? or would n't you?
    9 the journey was not comfortable was it?
    10 wait a minute, won't you?
    11 lets have some tea shall we?
    12 do not go please do you?
    13 i am pale are n't i?
    14 enveybody claims to be right are n't they?
    15 have a nice day have n't you?

    i thank bhai sab for asking me to myself. now pls correct if any mistake.

    i also got some other problem to be done.
    - to identify the vowels in the following words:
    water girl egg mother
    also pls teach me how to identify them? is that by concedering aeiou?

    - to identify inal consonants in the following words:
    wish debt pitch
    please teach me how to

    - to identify diphthongs in the following words
    high cake pair

    will u teach me??? other than getting answers i'd like to know how it is got..

    Thank u

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    Default Re: Qustion tag+ some grammer tasks pls correct if wrong

    This identical question has already received one response. Please don't post the same question more than once.

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