Your personal safety on the Internet

We at would like to say a couple of things about your personal safety whilst using the internet, email, chat etc. We do not want to scare you, but it is important that everyone here understands the security issues.

Firstly, we advise you not to use your email address as a username or give it out in a forum post . It may be used to send you spam emails which can be very irritating. If you want people to be able to email you, they can do so from your user profile.

Secondly, and much, much more importantly, never give contact information to people who you do not know on the internet or in emails or chat.

Tips for Your Safety:

Here are some basic personal safety tips you should consider when on the Internet:

  • Don't give out personal information such as your home address or telephone number to people you meet on the net;
  • Think seriously before agreeing to meet anyone in person whom you've met on the net:
    • Can you verify, through a third party whom you know and trust, the true identity of this person?
    • Is there a way to verify the information provided by this person?

The BBC ChatGuide

The BBC ChatGuide gives more detailed advice on keeping you and your family safe on the Internet.