Poll: Fella


This an acceptable spelling.
This is unacceptable- 'fellow' is the only correct spelling.
Both are correct- they mean the same.
Both are correct- they mean something different.

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What's the difference?


Fellow means a person - research fellow and also means colleague - fellow teacher. Fella means young man. A woman cannot be a fella but can be a fellow.


Fella just reminds me a bunch of 1920’s New York ganstas, “Fella” is misspelled, there is no formal word as “Fella”, and yet is very commonly used in a more colloquial way. Both mean young man or just a man or a person and as Abi said “Fella” is used for a man.


'Fella' can mean 'boyfriend', while 'fellow' can't.


You can only use 'fellow' as an adjective (my fellow students).


Can u send me polls every time u get new polls in? Pease and thank you. It is very fun to take polls.

brooke weber

can u send me some polls? thank you if u do


He's a tall fellow.
He's a tall fella.
Both have the same meaning but different regional spellings ;)


Fella is slang for fellow. It is not a real word.

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