Poll: Feeding sharks ____ dangerous.

Feeding sharks ____ dangerous.


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It depends:

If 'feeding sharks' means the action of giving sharks food, then it is singular.

If 'feeding sharks' refers to sharks that are feeding, then it is plural.


Agreed. ;-)


All sharks are dangerous, either they are feeding or not. But this sentence looks like a warning on the zoo fence saying that feeding sharks is dangerous because they can easily bite off your extended arm while you throw food to them.


Feedind sharks is One action ,so it needs third person verb.


Don't feed, sharks.

marion fox

agree with both jagter and gardemarine so obviously the answer `either ` is correct.


It depends if what you are trying to tell someone about is the act of feeding sharks food, or the sharks who want to eat. "Sharks that are feeding are dangerous." "Doing something like feeding sharks is dangerous."


i do agree with Jagter !


If you're talking about the action of a person feeding sharks, then the word 'is' is appropriate. This is because you are talking about a single action.
However, if you're talking about sharks that are feeding, then the word 'are' is appropriate. This is because you are talking about more than one object.

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