Poll: If you don't correct a student, they won't learn successfully.

If you don't correct a student, they won't learn successfully.

I agree.
I disagree.
It depends.

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It depends on what?


Maybe Will intended that it depends on who’s the student… for sometime it could be difficult to correct a student, what I mean is: the student could not just be a simple student but a friend or someone special, and hence the master would have to face a dilemma… in one hand he knows that a certain student is committing over and over again the same mistake, but if he corrects him he could, in someway, offend him, and in the other hand he knows that he has to correct him… so what to do? My little suggestion is, no matter who the student is, for his own benefits, no matter what the circumstances might be, the master should correct him and full stop.


The comma in the poll statement is unnecessary.
Sorry to correct you but otherwise you won't learn :-P


It is perfectly correct; there's no need for a comma if the if- clause comes after the condition.


It's better to say, "If you don't correct student's mitakes...". "Correct a student" sounds like putting a student into a correctional institute.


Also, we cannont use "they" here because they talk about one student, not many.


You can use "they" instead of "he or she" when referring to a singular correlate.

ignacio \li

good students will do it on their own bad ones need to be corrected


it depends of the way that you use for doing it.

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