Poll: "Writing evolves in response to needs that arise as a result of cultural changes." MAK Halliday

"Writing evolves in response to needs that arise as a result of cultural changes." MAK Halliday

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Yes i would have thought so.
similarly enough, language itself evolve, and words also: Yes words evolve, and words are invented, yet words are bound by rules, and even so if words would be infinite, which I doubt, however, language is not, for to form a certain phrase you have to follow certain rules and you have to use certain words, and as we know rules are not infinite and the combination of words are not infinite either, hence language is not infinite, hence words are not infinite


Written English (and most languages) have evolved dramtically to accomodate new technologies- the telegram invented a style, just like SMS- of reducing all the unnecessary because of the slow way of typing into a mobile, or the expense of a telegram..Email has thrown up a whole new challenge and the language has evolved to meet that. The first text message my mother sent me was correctly punctuated and written in full, she soon learnt that 'c u l8r' was the correct form there.

Cultural changes.


Is this good or bad??? I know it is just a natural evolution, men have evolved from their archaic-ape-look-alike forms into today’s new power-dressed-corporate-law-managers
, mind you, that could be just a very good weekly disguise, to take again their true ape form while being with their mates at a pub on weekends; however, what I mean is: is it a natural evolution or is it forced by the capitalist world in which we unfortunately leave????


Language's primary function is communication. Style comes second to need. If it makes texting easier, then it's good. We can communicate so quickly that speed is a decisive factor.

If you want to write a poem, that's different.

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