Poll: What is # called?

What is # called?

Pound [American English speaker]
Hash [American English speaker]
Pound [British English speaker]
Hash [British English speaker]

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Charles Reeve

# is called an octothorpe


It's officially called an "octothorpe"


Kudos for being uber geeks.


it is really called an octothorpe


I call it a number sign or number key depending on where it is used. Octothorpe has never been widely adopted.


# is called as Hash


What about number as in We're #1!

Robert Ramspott

I notice they say it all the time on Good Aftrnoon America...who started it? The only hash I know is what you smoke. This #, is either a number or pound sign...period.


Look at the results for British English- we call it 'hash'.


It is the pound sign or number sign. where did they get hash from?

Doctore R

Yes Robert Ramspott and all the other protesting Americans, you've got to love Twitter and their 'pound tags' haven't you?


There is nothing offical about the word octothorpe, number sign is more universally accepted


@Robert Ramspott
and hash browns!


And here I was thinking that is a pound sign..
Hash all the way! (Or 'number', given the context)


In London it is known as hash

allan d. sundry

I have always called it a crosshatch. Pound makes NO sense!

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