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We have a section in our forum for writing.  People can submit writing and people may make corrections or comments.

But not always.  Correcting writing takes time and is not a particularly popular activity among the teachers who are on the forum- many of them have plenty of that to do at work and don't want to do more when they are relaxing on language forums.

I never correct writing.  I used to, but it took up too much time and I spend much of my free time on the site anyway, so I decided a few years ago not to correct any more writing.  There are many other teachers who do the same, some who correct occasionally and a few who will often correct writing.

However, if you're after proofreading, then going for a paid service that will give you dedicated time may be a better idea.  Posting a ten-thousand word essay and saying it's urgent and expecting volunteers who are in the forum to discuss language to correct it in a hour  is not very realistic.

If you post writing, it may get answers, but this is not guaranteed.  There is no urgent turn-around time.  We are volunteers and mostly prefer discussing language to correctng texts.
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I have no comment on this blog post, apart from saying that it seems very sensible. But I have a question, and can find nowhere else to put it. Lured into looking at your language polls, I have a horrid feeling that I inadvertently clicked a wrong answer (spelling of desiccate), due to dangerous carelessness with a mouse: but I cannot find it in the 20 pages to leave a rueful comment. I may of course have overlooked it, but is there a way to search these polls other than by paging through them ?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give ....

If you use the Google site search box at the top of the page, you'll find it in no time, but here's the link:

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