Language Variation Quiz: Preposition 'On'

Quiz: Preposition 'On'

Which variation of English is associated with each of the following phrasal verbs?

'Wind on' - Forward a film or tape to a certain point

'Follow on' - In cricket, if the second team to bat doesn't score enough runs, it has to bat again

'Chow down on' - Eat something

'Bail out on' - Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble

'Kip down on' - Sleep on something other than a bed

'Poop out on' - Fail to keep an appointment

'Key on' - Target, focus on (sport)

'Fink on' - Give away secrets about someone

'Play on' - Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop

'Be on' - Be at the top of one’s game, performing very well