Language Variation Quiz: Preposition 'Up'

Quiz: Preposition 'Up'

Which variation of English is associated with each of the following phrasal verbs?

'Muddle up' - Mistake a person or thing for someone or something else because they look similar

'Burn up' - To be or cause to be highly annoyed

'Crack up' - Damage a car badly

'Vamp up' - Invent, maker up, improvise

'Suit up' - Get dressed or put on a uniform for an activity or task

'Balls up' - Spoil, ruin

'Ball up' - Confuse or make things complicated

'Stuff up' - Make a mistake, do badly, spoil

'Muddle up' - Take things that are ordered or sequenced and mess them up

'Cross up' - Confuse, deceive