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The latest 30 entries added to our Phrasal Verb database.
Entry Turf out
Get rid of, throw away (Added: 18th Apr)
Entry Turf out
Force someone to leave (Added: 18th Apr)
Entry Jockey into
Persuade or deceive someone into doing something (Added: 17th Apr)
Entry Fritter away
Waste time, money or chances (Added: 17th Apr)
Entry Trigger off
Start, set off (Added: 23rd Mar)
Entry Trigger off
Make someone angry (Added: 23rd Mar)
Entry Marry up
Marry someone from a higher social class or level (Added: 12th Mar)
Entry Marry up
Join together or compare to see if they're the same (Added: 12th Mar)
Entry Marry up
Match, correspond (Added: 12th Mar)
Entry Marry off
Find a husband or wife for someone, especially your children (Added: 11th Mar)
Entry Swallow up
Destroy, make disappear (Added: 17th Feb)
Entry Swallow up
Consume or take a lot of time, money, etc (Added: 17th Feb)
Entry Swallow up
Take control of something much smaller, like a company or state (Added: 17th Feb)
Entry Break into
Start to spend funds, usually out of necessity (Added: 4th Feb)
Entry Break into
Be accepted into a profession or field (Added: 4th Feb)
Entry Break into
Start doing something (Added: 4th Feb)
Entry Break for
To go or run towards a place, especially when you are trying to escape (Added: 4th Feb)
Entry Deal in
Include, give someone a share (Added: 10th Jan)
Entry Deal in
Do business, trade (Added: 10th Jan)
Entry Sack out
Fall asleep (Added: 9th Jan)
Entry Soak up
Spend time doing or experiencing something enjoyable (Added: 9th Jan)
Entry Soak up
Absorb (Added: 9th Jan)
Entry Beam up
Teleport, transport (Added: 15th Dec)
Entry Pick apart
Criticise, find fault (Added: 11th Dec)
Entry Pine for
Want or miss something or someone (Added: 10th Dec)
Entry Put forward
Propose, suggest or nominate (Added: 11th Nov)
Entry Deal with
Be about, use as a subject matter (Added: 29th Oct)
Entry Hollow out
Make an empty space inside in something, reduce power or authority (Added: 20th Sep)
Entry Shore up
Support something to make it stronger (Added: 20th Sep)
Entry Take aback
Surprise or shock (Added: 5th Sep)
29 September, 2012 14:14