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Entry Scuzz up
Spiil, ruin, contaminate (Added: 26th Feb)
Entry Cut through
Go through a place instead of going around it (Added: 23rd Feb)
Entry Cut through
Deal quickly with a complex issue that is causing trouble (Added: 23rd Feb)
Entry Do over
Do something again from the beginning, especially because you did it badly the first time (Added: 30th Jan)
Entry Wipe up
Remove a liquid from a surface using a cloth (Added: 4th Jan)
Entry Trickle up
When financial benefits given to poor people or small businesses pass on to the wealthy (Added: 9th Dec)
Entry Push over
Push someone or something with enough force to make them or it fall (Added: 2nd Nov)
Entry Put together
Assemble (Added: 1st Nov)
Entry Dust off
Prepare something for use that hasn't been used for a while (Added: 18th Oct)
Entry Dust down
Prepare something for use that hasn't been used for a while (Added: 18th Oct)
Entry Speed up
Make something faster (Added: 8th Oct)
Entry Speed up
Move faster (Added: 8th Oct)
Entry Liven up
Improve someone's mood, make them feel more energetic or interested (Added: 8th Oct)
Entry Liven up
Make something more interesting or exciting (Added: 8th Oct)
Entry Hold to
Oblige or force someone to carry out an obligation (Added: 3rd Oct)
Entry Drop behind
Move towards the back, not keep up (Added: 22nd Sep)
Entry Hash out
Resolve a problem or reach an agreement through discussion (Added: 27th Aug)
Entry Hash up
Spoil, make a mess (Added: 27th Aug)
Entry Simmer down
Become less excited, noisy or angry, (Added: 25th Aug)
Entry Pop down to
Go somewhere quickly to do something, often to buy or get something (Added: 30th Jul)
Entry Pop down
Travel somewhere to visit (Added: 30th Jul)
Entry Pop off
Kill, shoot (Added: 30th Jul)
Entry Phone in
Work or perform without much enthusiasm or effort (Added: 26th Jul)
Entry Phone in
Telephone a TV or radio programme (Added: 26th Jul)
Entry Phone in
Telephone your place of work to pass on information (Added: 26th Jul)
Entry Rip on
Criticise or insult (Added: 25th Jul)
Entry Share in
Have a part in a project, activity, etc (Added: 10th Jul)
Entry Share out
Divide and distribute (Added: 10th Jul)
Entry Bear on
Be connected or relevant to something (Added: 10th Jul)
Entry Turn around
React negatively (Added: 20th Jun)
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