Is 'To Give' Separable or Inseparable? - Phrasal Verb Quiz

Quiz for Verb: 'To Give'

Is the phrasal verb 'To Give' separable or inseparable in the following examples?

'Give out' - Distribute

'Give up' - Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc

'Give off' - Expand

'Give away' - Give an unwanted baby to people to bring up

'Give out' - Read the wordings of a hymn or psalm aloud for congregational singing

'Give away' - Give an advantage to your opponent in a sport by making a mistake, playing badly, etc

'Give up' - Stop doing something

'Give it to' - Criticise harshly or punish someone for something

'Give way to' - Yield, surrender, retreat

'Give away' - Tell a secret, often unintentionally