Is 'To Give' Separable or Inseparable? - Phrasal Verb Quiz

Quiz for Verb: 'To Give'

Is the phrasal verb 'To Give' separable or inseparable in the following examples?

'Give off' - Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way

'Give up' - Sacrifice or dedicate time, etc, to something

'Give up' - Stop being friendly, end relationships

'Give out' - Stop working, through age or overuse

'Give away' - Betray, report to authorities

'Give way' - Collapse, break

'Give in to' - Agree to something you don't like

'Give over to' - Dedicate, devote

'Give over' - Stop doing something bad or annoying

'Give way to' - Relinquish position or ascendancy