Is 'To Sit' Separable or Inseparable? - Phrasal Verb Quiz

Quiz for Verb: 'To Sit'

Is the phrasal verb 'To Sit' separable or inseparable in the following examples?

'Sit up' - Move from lying down to a sitting position

'Sit for' - Look after children while their parents are out

'Sit on' - To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly

'Sit out' - Not take part

'Sit by' - Not try to stop something

'Sit back' - Wait for something to happen without making any effort

'Sit on' - Hold information back or keep it secret

'Sit up' - Suddenly take notice or pay attention

'Sit in for' - Take on someone's responsibilities while they are absent

'Sit through' - Stay till the end of something dull