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  • Length: 4 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Lexical Information:
  • This is used in New Zealand English
  • This is used in Geordie (spoken in and around Newcastle, England)
  • Term used in archaeology or anthropology

Related Glossary Definitions:

Holding midfielder;  Sending-off;  Shielding the defence;  Sliding tackle;  Leading Questions

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Similar Words (using 'ding' as word stem):

Prefix + 'ding'

abiding, aboding, abounding, abrading, absconding, acceding, according, adding, affording, aggrading, aiding, alluding, ambuscading, amending, anding, anteceding, antispending, appending, applauding, apprehending, arcading, ascending, astounding, attending, auding, avoiding, awarding, backfielding, backhanding, backsiding, backsliding, balding, banding, bandspreading, barding, barricading, bartending, beading, bearding, beblooding, beclouding, becowarding, becrowding, bedding, befriending, begirding, begladding, beheading, beholding, belauding, bending, beshrouding, bespreading, besteading, bestriding, bestudding, betiding, bidding, biding, bielding, binding, biodegrading, birding, bleeding, blending, blindfolding, blinding, blockading, blooding, bloodshedding, bloodsheding, boarding, bobsledding, bobsleding, boding, bodybuilding, bolding, bombarding, bonding, bookbinding, bounding, bradding, braiding, branding, breading, breastfeeding, breechloading, breeding, brigading, brocading, brooding, budding, building, cannonading, carding, cascading, ceding, checkerboarding, chiding, childing, chording, cladding, clouding, coattending, codding, coding, coextending, coinciding, colliding, colluding, commanding, commending, compounding, comprehending, conceding, concluding, condescending, confiding, confounding, contending, cording, corrading, corresponding, corroding, countermanding, countershading, cowhiding, crossbreeding, crowding, crudding, crusading, cuboiding, cuckolding, curding, cyaniding, deadheading, debriding, deciding, decoding, deeding, defending, defilading, defrauding, degrading, deleading, deluding, demanding, denuding, depending, deriding, desanding, descending, desponding, detruding, diamonding, disbanding, disbudding, discarding, discommoding, discording, dispending, disploding, dispreading, disregarding, dissuading, distending, dividing, downgrading, downloading, dreading, drownding, duding, dumbfounding, dumfounding, eliding, eluding, embedding, emending, encoding, ending, enfilading, enfolding, engilding, engirding, enshrouding, enwinding, eroding, escalading, evading, exceeding, exciding, excluding, expanding, expending, exploding, expounding, exscinding, extending, extruding, exuding, fading, farding, faultfinding, featherbedding, feeding, fending, feuding, fielding, finding, flooding, folding, fonding, forbidding, forboding, fording, foreboding, forefending, forfending, forwarding, founding, freeloading, freestanding, friending, funding, gadding, garlanding, gelding, gilding, girding, gladding, gliding, glissading, goading, godding, golding, grading, gridding, griding, grinding, grounding, guarding, guiding, hading, hagriding, handfeeding, handing, harding, hazarding, heading, heartrending, heeding, heralding, herding, hiding, hilding, hoarding, holding, homebuilding, homelanding, homesteading, hooding, hording, hounding, husbanding, illuding, imbedding, impeding, impending, impleading, imploding, impounding, inbreeding, including, incommoding, infolding, inholding, intending, interbreeding, interceding, interfolding, intergrading, interlarding, interpleading, interwinding, intruding, invading, invaliding, inwinding, islanding, jading, jeoparding, joyriding, keyboarding, kidding, kneading, lading, landholding, landing, larding, lauding, leading, lending, lidding, limpiding, lipreading, loading, longstanding, lording, madding, manifolding, marauding, marinading, masquerading, masterminding, mastheading, melding, mending, microcoding, minding, misadding, misapprehending, misawarding, misbinding, misbranding, misbuilding, misfielding, misguiding, misleading, mispleading, misreading, missending, missounding, misspending, mistending, misunderstanding, miswording, molding, moulding, mounding, mudding, multibuilding, needing, niding, niggarding, nightriding, nitriding, nodding, nonacceding, noncorroding, nondividing, nontrading, nonyielding, notwithstanding, obtruding, obtunding, occluding, offending, offloading, outadding, outbidding, outboarding, outbreeding, outbuilding, outchiding, outfielding, outfinding, outguiding, outmoding, outplodding, outreading, outriding, outscolding, outspending, outspreading, outstanding, outtrading, outwinding, outyielding, overabounding, overbidding, overbuilding, overclouding, overcrowding, overdepending, overexpanding, overextending, overfeeding, overgilding, overgirding, overgoading, overhanding, overholding, overlading, overloading, overlording, overpersuading, overresponding, overriding, overseeding, overspending, overspreading, overstriding, overtrading, overwinding, padding, palisading, parading, paragliding, parascending, pasquinading, pathfinding, peasepudding, pending, peroxiding, perpending, persuading, pervading, pinfolding, placarding, pleading, plodding, podding, poinding, pollarding, pomading, ponding, poniarding, portending, pounding, prebinding, preceding, precluding, predividing, preluding, prepending, prereading, prerecording, prescinding, presiding, pretending, priding, proceeding, prodding, promenading, proofreading, propending, propounding, protending, protruding, providing, pudding, pyramiding, quadding, radding, raiding, railroading, rawhiding, reacceding, readding, reading, reascending, rebidding, rebinding, reboarding, rebounding, rebuilding, receding, recoding, recommending, recompounding, recording, redding, redemanding, redescending, reding, redividing, redounding, reeding, refeeding, refinding, reflooding, refolding, refounding, refunding, regarding, regilding, regrading, regrinding, reinvading, rekeyboarding, relending, reloading, remanding, remending, reminding, remolding, remoulding, rending, renegading, repleading, reprehending, reprimanding, rereading, rerecording, rescinding, reseeding, resending, residing, resounding, responding, respreading, retarding, rethreading, retreading, retroceding, retrograding, retruding, rewarding, rewedding, rewelding, rewinding, rewording, ridding, riding, roadholding, rodding, roding, rounding, safeguarding, sanding, scabbarding, scaffolding, scalding, scending, scolding, screeding, scudding, seceding, secluding, seconding, seeding, sending, serenading, shading, sheading, shedding, sheepherding, shending, shepherding, shielding, shipbuilding, shredding, shrouding, siding, skateboarding, skidding, slading, sledding, sliding, smallholding, snedding, snooding, sodding, sounding, spading, spalding, spaulding, spearheading, speeding, spellbinding, spending, spreading, spudding, squadding, squidding, stampeding, standing, steading, stewarding, stockading, stockbreeding, stockholding, stounding, stranding, striding, studding, subdividing, subheading, subsiding, subtending, succeeding, sueding, suiciding, superadding, superintending, superseding, surrounding, suspending, swarding, swounding, tedding, telerecording, tending, threading, thudding, tiding, titleholding, trading, transcending, transuding, treading, trending, unbending, unbinding, unbraiding, unbuilding, unclouding, uncomprehending, undemanding, underbedding, underbidding, underbreeding, underbudding, underfeeding, undergirding, underspending, understanding, underwinding, unending, unfading, unfolding, unforbidding, ungirding, unguarding, unhanding, unheeding, unhooding, unlading, unleading, unloading, unmolding, unobtruding, unoffending, unpretending, unrewarding, unrounding, unthreading, untreading, unwinding, unyielding, upbinding, upbraiding, upbuilding, upending, upfolding, upgirding, upgrading, uphoarding, upholding, uploading, upsending, upstanding, uudecoding, uuencoding, vagabonding, vending, vilipending, voiding, wadding, wading, warding, weatherboarding, wedding, weeding, weekending, welding, wending, whidding, wielding, wilding, winding, wingding, winterfeeding, withholding, withstanding, wooding, woodshedding, wording, wounding, yarding, yielding,

'ding' + Suffix

dingbat, dingbats, dingdong, dingdonged, dingdonging, dingdongs, dinge, dinged, dinger, dingers, dinges, dingey, dingeys, dinghies, dinghy, dingier, dingies, dingiest, dingily, dinginess, dinginesses, dinging, dingle, dingles, dingo, dingoes, dings, dingus, dinguses, dingy,