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  • Length: 4 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Lexical Information:
  • In the top 2,000 words in the Brown Corpus
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula
Grammatical Information:
  • Irregular Adjective
  • Irregular comparative form
  • MORE and LESS are used with all adjectives of three syllables or longer to make the comparative form
  • MOST and LEAST are used with all adjectives of three syllables or longer to make the superlative form
  • MORE and LESS are used with many adjectives of two syllables to make the comparative form
  • MOST and LEAST are used with many adjectives of two syllables to make the superlative form
  • Adverb
  • Adjectives modify Nouns
Usage Notes:
  • Few = Plural Less = Singular

Related Glossary Definitions:

Goalless draw

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Prefix + 'less'

affectionless, ageless, agendaless, aidless, aimless, airless, aisleless, anchorless, armless, artless, ashless, aweless, awless, awnless, backless, barbless, barkless, barless, baseless, bathless, beaconless, beakless, beamless, beardless, beatless, bedless, beefless, beltless, bibless, blameless, bless, blissless, bloodless, blossomless, blotless, bodiless, bondless, boneless, bootless, bootyless, bottomless, boundless, bountyless, bowless, bractless, brainless, brakeless, braless, branchless, breadless, breathless, bridgeless, briefless, brimless, browless, buckleless, budless, bushless, buttonless, capless, carbonless, careless, carless, cashless, casteless, causaless, causeless, ceaseless, censureless, centerless, chadless, chanceless, changeless, chapeless, characterless, chartless, checkless, cheekless, cheerless, childless, chinless, churchless, claimless, classless, clawless, clientless, cloudless, clueless, coalless, coatless, codeless, cohesionless, collarless, colorless, comfortless, companionless, confineless, connectionless, conscienceless, cookless, cordless, coreless, costless, countless, coverless, coxless, craterless, creaseless, creditless, crestless, crewless, crimeless, cropless, crownless, cuffless, cultureless, cureless, dangerless, dateless, daughterless, dauntless, deathless, debtless, deedless, defenceless, defenseless, degreeless, dewless, dimensionless, ditchless, doorless, doubtless, dowerless, dowryless, dreamless, dripless, driverless, ductless, dustless, earless, echoless, edgeless, effortless, eggless, egoless, emotionless, endless, engineless, errorless, exhaustless, exitless, expressionless, eyeless, faceless, fadeless, faithless, fameless, fangless, fatherless, fathomless, fatigueless, fatless, faultless, fearless, featherless, featureless, feckless, feeless, feetless, fenceless, fernless, fetterless, feverless, fibreless, figureless, fingerless, finless, fireless, fishless, fixtureless, flagless, flameless, flangeless, flapless, flawless, flectionless, fleshless, flexionless, flightless, floodless, flowerless, flyless, foamless, fogless, foodless, footless, forceless, fordless, forkless, formless, fortuneless, frameless, freightless, fretless, frictionless, friendless, fringeless, frondless, frontless, fruitless, fumeless, functionless, furless, furrowless, fuseless, futureless, gainless, gaiterless, gapless, garbless, gardenless, garmentless, gasless, gateless, gaumless, gearless, genderless, giftless, gillless, glareless, glassless, gleamless, gloomless, glossless, gloveless, goalless, godless, gormless, graceless, grainless, grammarless, grapeless, grassless, graveless, gravelless, greaseless, greedless, griefless, grittless, grooveless, groundless, grudgeless, guardless, guideless, guileless, guiltless, gumless, gunless, gustless, gutless, hairless, haltless, hammerless, handleless, handless, hapless, harmless, harnessless, hatless, havenless, hazardless, headless, heartless, heatless, heedless, heelless, heirless, helmless, helpless, herbless, hideless, hiltless, hingeless, hipless, hitless, hiveless, holeless, homeless, hoodless, hoofless, hookless, hoopless, hopeless, horizonless, hornless, horseless, houseless, hueless, humorless, humpless, hungerless, hurtless, husbandless, hymnless, iceless, idealess, imageless, incidentless, incomeless, indexless, inflectionless, inkless, innless, inventionless, ireless, ironless, isleless, issueless, jacketless, jagless, jailless, jawless, jobless, joyless, judgeless, juiceless, juryless, keelless, keyless, kindless, kindredless, kingdomless, kingless, kinless, knotless, knowledgeless, laceless, landless, lawless, leaderless, leadless, leafless, leakless, leaseless, ledgeless, legless, leisureless, lensless, licenseless, lidless, lifeless, lightless, limbless, limeless, limitless, lineless, lintless, lipless, listless, liverless, loamless, lockless, loftless, lordless, lossless, loveless, luckless, lusterless, lustreless, machineless, mailless, maneless, manless, mannerless, massless, masterless, mastless, matchless, mateless, matless, mealless, meaningless, measureless, meatless, memberless, memoryless, merciless, mindless, mirthless, modeless, moonless, mortarless, motherless, motionless, motiveless, moveless, nameless, napless, nathless, nationless, neckless, needless, nerveless, netless, nevertheless, newsless, nightless, noiseless, nonetheless, normless, noseless, noteless, nounless, numberless, oarless, odorless, offenceless, offenseless, oppositionless, orderless, outbless, ownerless, painless, paperless, parameterless, pardonless, partnerless, passionateless, passionless, passless, pastless, pathless, peakless, peerless, pegless, penniless, pensionless, phaseless, pileless, pilotless, pipeless, pipless, pithless, pitiless, planless, playless, pleasureless, plotless, plugless, poetless, pointless, poleless, popeless, portionless, portless, powerless, prayerless, prebless, precedentless, pressureless, priceless, profitless, propertyless, prospectless, pulpless, pulseless, pumpless, purposeless, quenchless, questionless, railless, rainless, rayless, reasonless, reckless, recoilless, regardless, reinless, relentless, remediless, remorseless, reputationless, resistless, resourceless, respiteless, responseless, restless, resultless, revengeless, rewardless, rhymeless, rhythmless, ribless, riderless, riftless, rimless, riskless, rivalless, riverless, roadless, rockless, rodless, roofless, rootless, rudderless, ruleless, rumpless, rungless, runless, rustless, ruthless, sackless, saddleless, sailless, saintless, saltless, sanctionless, sapless, sauceless, saucerless, scaleless, scarless, scatheless, scentless, scoreless, scrupleless, seamless, seasonless, seatless, seedless, selfless, sensationless, senseless, sexless, shadeless, shadowless, shameless, shapeless, shelterless, shieldless, shiftless, shirtless, shoeless, shoreless, shroudless, sighless, sightless, signatureless, sinewless, sinless, sireless, sisterless, skilless, skinless, sleepless, sleeveless, slipless, slitless, slumberless, smileless, smogless, smokeless, smudgless, snapless, snareless, sneezeless, snoutless, snowless, soapless, sockless, sodaless, soilless, soleless, songless, sonless, soulless, soundless, spaceless, spanless, speckless, speechless, spineless, spinless, spiritless, spotless, spouseless, springless, stainless, stalkless, starless, stateless, stemless, stipendless, stockless, stoneless, strapless, strikeless, stringless, stripeless, styleless, subjectless, substanceless, successless, suckless, sudsless, sugarless, sumless, summerless, summitless, sunless, supperless, supportless, suppositionless, surfaceless, surgeless, suspectless, suspicionless, swampless, sweatless, swordless, symptomless, systemless, tackless, tactless, tailless, taintless, talentless, tameless, tankless, tapeless, tariffless, taskless, tasteless, taxless, teacherless, tearless, tenantless, tenorless, tenseless, tensionless, tentless, termless, terraceless, terrorless, textless, textureless, thankless, thatchless, thawless, themeless, thewless, thornless, thoughtless, thowless, threadless, thriftless, throneless, thumbless, tideless, tieless, timeless, tintless, tipless, tireless, toadless, tobaccoless, toeless, tombless, toneless, tongueless, toolless, toothless, topless, touchless, townless, toyless, traceless, trackless, tradeless, traditionless, trafficless, trainless, tramless, treasureless, treatyless, treeless, tremorless, tribeless, trickless, triggerless, trouserless, truckless, trunkless, truthless, tubeless, tugless, tuneless, turfless, tuskless, twigless, unbless, unless, useless, vacationless, valueless, valveless, vaneless, vantageless, veilless, veinless, ventless, verbless, vestless, vetoless, vibrationless, viceless, victimless, victualless, viewless, vineless, virtueless, visorless, vistaless, vizorless, voiceless, voteless, vowless, wageless, waggonless, wakeless, warless, warrantless, wartless, wattless, waveless, wayless, wealthless, weaponless, weariless, webless, weedless, weightless, weldless, wheelless, wifeless, wigless, windless, windowless, wineless, wingless, winless, winterless, wireless, wishless, witless, wonderless, woodless, wordless, workerless, workless, worthless, woundless, wrathless, wreathless, wrinkleless, yeastless, yokeless, yolkless, zestless, zipless, zoneless,

'less' + Suffix

lessee, lessees, lesseeship, lesseeships, lessen, lessened, lessening, lessens, lesser, lesson, lessoned, lessoning, lessons, lessor, lessors,