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Grammatical Information:
  • Nouns are words giving names to objects and things, which can be physical or concepts, etc
Lexical Information:
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula

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Similar Words (using 'nest' as word stem):

Prefix + 'nest'

barrenest, brownest, certainest, cleanest, commonest, dishonest, divinest, doggonest, dunnest, earnest, ernest, evenest, fainest, finest, forlornest, funest, funnest, goldenest, greenest, hangnest, honest, humanest, inanest, insanest, keenest, leanest, meanest, modernest, obscenest, oftenest, openest, overearnest, plainest, renest, rottenest, rottnest, sanest, serenest, solemnest, soonest, sternest, stubbornest, sullenest, tannest, thinnest, trapnest, uncleanest, uncommonest, unevenest, urbanest, vainest, wannest, woodenest,

'nest' + Suffix

nestable, nested, nester, nesters, nesting, nestings, nestle, nestled, nestler, nestlers, nestles, nestlike, nestling, nestlings, nestor, nestorian, nestorianism, nestors, nests,