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  • Length: 2 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Lexical Information:
  • One of the 220 words in the Dolch high frequency list
  • One of the 850 words in Basic English
  • In the top 2,000 words in the Brown Corpus
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • This is used in the Southern States of America
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula
Grammatical Information:
  • Preposition
  • Usually followed by a gerund rather than an infinitive
  • Prepositions connect words together
  • If a preposition isn't connecting words but modifying one word, as in many phrasal verbs, it can be called a Particle (or an Adverb)
Usage Notes:
  • ON can describe location or movement; ONTO can only describe movement
  • INTO and ONTO are often used when the idea of movement is important

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