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Lexical Information:
  • A letter from the English alphabet
  • Vocabulary used in GMAT

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Allomorphs;  Allophones;  Alphabet Soup;  Alphabet;  Anadiplosis;  Anaphora;  Aphorism;  Apodosis;  Apposition;  Appositive;  Aspect;  Aspiration;  Bottom-Up Language Learning;  Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL);  Capital Letters;  Cataphora;  Close Pairs;  Comparatives;  Complement;  Complex Prepositions;  Conditional Perfect;  Copula Verbs;  Demonstrative Pronouns;  Descriptive Grammar;  Dictionaries of Contemporary English;  Dictionary Types;  Direct Speech;  EAP;  Ellipsis;  Emphatic Forms;  Endophora;  Epanadiplosis;  Epanalepsis;  Epistemic Modality;  Epistrophe;  Epizeuxis;  Euphemisms;  Examples of Acronyms;  Exophoric;  Figure of Speech;  Against the run of play;  Anticipation;  Attempt;  Automatic promotion;  Away strip;  Back pages ;  Beat the keeper;  Bid for a player;  Cap;  Captain;  Captain’s armband;  Centre spot;  Champions’ League;  Chip;  Clean sweep;  Competitive match;  Cramp;  Cup champion;  Cup competition;  Cup tie;  Dangerous position;  Dead ball specialist;  Disciplinary record;  Division champions;  Drop back;  Exposed at the back;  Expulsion;  FA Cup;  Far post;  Flag post;  Flair player;  Football pitch;  Gamesmanship;  Gifted players;  Go past someone;  Go top;  Go up;  Goalkeeper;  Goalpost;  Group of death;  Group match;  Group stages;  Home grown players;  Home strip;  Host a championship;  Impact sub;  Intercept;  Keep the ball in play;  Keeper;  Kingpins;  Knockout competition;  Kop (the);  Last gasp goal;  League champions;  Leave the goal wide open;  Lift the trophy;  Looping cross;  Lose on penalties;  Magic sponge;  Magic spray;  Majority of possession;  Misdirect a pass;  Misplace a pass;  Moving into space;  Near post;  Nippy;  Official supporters’ club;  Offside trap;  On paper ;  Open play;  Open talks;  Opener;  Opening goal;  Opposition;  Outfield players;  Out-of-position;  Park the bus (in front of the goal);  Partnership;  Pass;  Passing game;  Penalty arc;  Penalty box;  Penalty (kick);  Penalty shoot-out;  Penalty spot;  Physical;  Pint-sized;  Pitch invasion;  Pitch;  Pivotal moment;  Play deep;  Play on;  Playing for a draw;  Playing wide;  Playmaker;  Playoff;  PLC;  Pools;  Position;  Possession;  Post;  Post-match analysis;  Professional foul;  Progress;  Promoted;  Promotion;  Pub side;  Pull the ball back;  Pundit;  Purple patch;  Put it away;  Rapport;  Read a pass;  Regional championship;  Regular first-team place;  Regulation pitch;  Replay;  Round robin play;  Runners-up medal;  Runners-up;  Scoring opportunity;  Scraped into;  Set play;  Set up (a goal);  Severance package;  Shin pads;  Shirt sponsors;  Showmanship;  Sign a player;  Six pointer;  Skipper ;  Special One (the);  Spectacle;  Sponsors;  Sportsmanlike;  Spot kick;  Spurs;  Stamp;  Starting appearance;  Starting line-up;  Stay up;  Stoppage time;  Stoppages;  Stopper;  Strip;  Studs up;  Super sub;  Supply line;  Supporter;  Supporters’ club;  Suspension;  Sweeper;  Tap it in;  Tapping a player;  Tempo;  The top flight;  Top four finish;  Top the group;  Top half of the table;  Toyota Cup;  Trap;  Trophy cabinet;  Trophy;  Unsportsmanlike behaviour;  Unstoppable;  Upright;  Utility players;  Warm up;  Water-logged pitch;  Well placed;  World Cup Finals;  World Cup;  Future Progressive (Future Continuous);  Future Perfect Progressive (Future Perfect Continuous);  Future Perfect;  Helping Verb;  Historic Present;  Homograph;  Homophones;  Hyperbole;  Hyponyms;  Hypothetical questions;  Imperatives;  Indefinite Pronoun;  Indirect Speech;  Interrogative Pronouns;  Irregular Plurals;  Malapropisms;  Metaphors;  Metaplasm;  Minimal Pairs;  Morphemes;  Negative Pronouns;  Noun Phrases;  Onomatopoeia;  Orthoepy;  Palindromes;  Paragraphs;  Parsing;  Participles;  Particles;  Part of Speech;  Passive Index;  Passive Voice;  Past Progressive (Past Continuous);  Past Participles;  Past Perfect Progressive (Past Perfect Continuous);  Past Perfect;  Past Simple Tense;  Perfect 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Learning;  Topic Sentences;  Upper Case;  Verb Group;  Verb Phrase

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