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Lexical Information:
  • A letter from the English alphabet
  • Vocabulary used in GMAT

Related Glossary Definitions:

Allomorphs;  Allophones;  Alphabet Soup;  Alphabet;  Anadiplosis;  Anaphora;  Aphorism;  Apodosis;  Apposition;  Appositive;  Aspect;  Aspiration;  Bottom-Up Language Learning;  Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL);  Capital Letters;  Cataphora;  Close Pairs;  Comparatives;  Complement;  Complex Prepositions;  Conditional Perfect;  Copula Verbs;  Demonstrative Pronouns;  Descriptive Grammar;  Dictionaries of Contemporary English;  Dictionary Types;  Direct Speech;  EAP;  Ellipsis;  Emphatic Forms;  Endophora;  Epanadiplosis;  Epanalepsis;  Epistemic Modality;  Epistrophe;  Epizeuxis;  Euphemisms;  Examples of Acronyms;  Exophoric;  Figure of Speech;  Future Progressive (Future Continuous);  Future Perfect Progressive (Future Perfect Continuous);  Future Perfect;  Helping Verb;  Historic Present;  Homograph;  Homophones;  Hyperbole;  Hyponyms;  Hypothetical questions;  Imperatives;  Indefinite Pronoun;  Indirect Speech;  Interrogative Pronouns;  Irregular Plurals;  Malapropisms;  Metaphors;  Metaplasm;  Minimal Pairs;  Morphemes;  Negative Pronouns;  Noun Phrases;  Onomatopoeia;  Orthoepy;  Palindromes;  Paragraphs;  Parsing;  Participles;  Particles;  Part of Speech;  Passive Index;  Passive Voice;  Past Progressive (Past Continuous);  Past Participles;  Past Perfect Progressive (Past Perfect Continuous);  Past Perfect;  Past Simple Tense;  Perfect Aspect;  Perfect;  Performative Verb;  Person;  Personal Pronouns;  Phatic Speech;  Philology;  Phonemes;  Phonetic Alphabet;  Phonetics;  Phrasal Verbs;  Phrases;  Pidgin;  Plagiarism;  Pleonasm;  Plurals;  Pocket Dictionaries;  Poetry;  Polyptoton;  Polysemy;  Polysyllabic;  Portmanteau Word;  Possessive Adjective;  Possessive Pronoun;  Postmodifier;  Pragmatics;  Predicate;  Predicative Adjectives;  Prefixes;  Premodifiers;  Prepositions;  Prepositional Phrases;  Prescriptive Grammars;  Present Progressive (Present Continuous);  Present Participle;  Present Perfect Progressive (Present Perfect Continuous);  Present Perfect;  Present Simple Tense;  Progressive Aspect;  Pronouns;  Proper Adjective;  Proper Nouns;  Prose;  Prosody;  Protasis;  Punctuation;  Question types;  Received Pronunciation;  Reciprocal Pronouns;  Reflexive Pronouns;  Relative Pronoun;  Reported Speech;  Past Simple (Simple Past);  Simple Sentences;  Spoonerism;  Superlative;  Superordinate;  Top-Down Language Learning;  Topic Sentences;  Upper Case;  Verb Group;  Verb Phrase

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