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  • Length: 10 characters
  • Syllables: 4

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Lexical Information:
  • SAT vocabulary item
  • Term used in botany

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Grammatical Information:
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Names of people, places, organisations, etc begin with a Capital Letter and are called Proper Nouns
  • Nouns are words giving names to objects and things, which can be physical or concepts, etc
  • Adjectives modify Nouns
Lexical Information:
  • Nouns can be replaced by Pronouns

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Prefix + 'plastic'

anaplastic, antineoplastic, antiplastic, aplastic, autoplastic, blepharoplastic, cataplastic, ceroplastic, cineplastic, cytoplastic, dermatoplastic, desmoplastic, deutoplastic, diaplastic, dysplastic, emplastic, endoplastic, esemplastic, euplastic, fibroplastic, granuloplastic, heteroplastic, homeoplastic, homoeoplastic, homoplastic, hyperplastic, hypoplastic, ideoplastic, isoplastic, keratoplastic, kinetoplastic, metaplastic, neoplastic, nonneoplastic, osteoplastic, polyplastic, poroplastic, protoplastic, rhinoplastic, semiplastic, somatoplastic, staphyloplastic, superplastic, tenoplastic, thermoplastic, thromboplastic, zooplastic, zymoplastic,

'plastic' + Suffix

plastically, plasticine, plasticisers, plasticities, plasticity, plastics,