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  • Length: 4 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Grammatical Information:
  • Irregular verb- like RING/RANG/RUNG
  • A verb describes an action or a state
  • A verb can include information about the duration, time of the action or state, the people involved and whether it is habitual, complete or not
  • Irregular Verb- Base Form
Lexical Information:
  • One of the 220 words in the Dolch high frequency list
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • One of the 100 commonest verbs in English
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula

Related Glossary Definitions:

Closing minutes/Closing seconds;  Dressing room;  Lose the dressing room;  Passing game;  Parsing;  Singular

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Similar Words (using 'sing' as word stem):

Prefix + 'sing'

abasing, abscessing, abscising, abusing, accessing, accusing, addressing, advertising, advising, aggressing, agnising, agonising, aliasing, alkalising, amassing, amortising, amusing, analysing, anastomosing, ankylosing, antibusing, aphorising, appeasing, apposing, appraising, apprising, arabising, arbourising, archaising, arising, arousing, aspersing, assessing, atomising, avulsing, azotising, baptising, basing, becursing, bekissing, bemusing, bespousing, biasing, biassing, blessing, blissing, blousing, bossing, botanising, bousing, bowsing, braising, brassing, browsing, bruising, busing, bussing, buttressing, bypassing, callousing, callusing, canalising, canonising, canvasing, canvassing, caressing, carousing, casing, caucusing, caucussing, causing, ceasing, censing, censusing, cessing, chamoising, chasing, chastising, cheesing, choosing, chorusing, chorussing, chousing, chowsing, circumcising, circumfusing, civilising, classing, cleansing, closing, cognising, collapsing, colonising, compassing, composing, compressing, comprising, compromising, concussing, condensing, confessing, confusing, congressing, contusing, conversing, convulsing, copsing, counterpoising, coursing, creasing, crevassing, crisscrossing, crossing, cruising, cuirassing, cursing, cussing, cutinising, debasing, debruising, deceasing, declassing, decolourising, decomposing, decompressing, decreasing, defensing, defusing, degassing, degaussing, degreasing, delousing, demising, demonising, deposing, depressing, despising, devising, diagnosing, dialysing, diapausing, diffusing, digressing, dimerising, diplomatising, disabusing, disbursing, discasing, disclosing, discomposing, discoursing, discussing, diseasing, disembarrassing, disenfranchising, disfranchising, disguising, dismissing, dispensing, dispersing, displeasing, disposing, dispossessing, disseising, dissing, distressing, disusing, diversing, divinising, divulsing, dosing, dossing, doublecrossing, dousing, dowsing, dressing, drowsing, easing, ebonising, eclipsing, effusing, egressing, elapsing, electrophoresing, elegising, embarrassing, embossing, embusing, embussing, encasing, enchasing, enclosing, encompassing, endorsing, energising, enfranchising, engrossing, enterprising, enthusing, equalising, erasing, espousing, eternising, ethicising, eulogising, excising, excusing, exercising, exorcising, expensing, exposing, expressing, expulsing, faradising, feasing, feminising, fessing, finessing, flensing, flossing, fluidising, focalising, focusing, focussing, foreclosing, fortressing, franchising, fusing, fussing, gallicising, gasing, gassing, glassing, glimpsing, glossing, goosing, gorgonising, grassing, greasing, grossing, grousing, guessing, guising, hairdressing, harassing, harnessing, hearsing, hellenising, heoatising, heroising, hissing, hocusing, hocussing, hoising, horsing, hosing, hostessing, hotpressing, housefliesing, housing, humanising, hyperthyrosesing, hypostasising, idealising, idolising, immersing, immunising, imposing, impressing, improvising, impulsing, incasing, incensing, incising, inclosing, incorpsing, increasing, incrossing, incusing, indorsing, infusing, intercrossing, interfusing, interposing, interspersing, iodising, ionising, irising, ising, jessing, juxtaposing, keritinising, kissing, kyanising, labiaising, laicising, lansing, lapsing, lasing, leasing, legalising, lensing, liaising, licensing, lionising, localising, logicising, loosing, losing, lousing, lowercasing, lyricising, lysing, macarising, mandamusing, massing, maximising, melodising, mensing, merchandising, messing, metalising, metamorphosing, microprocessing, minimising, misaddressing, misadvising, misbiasing, misbiassing, misclassing, misdiagnosing, misguessing, misparsing, mispoising, misraising, missing, misusing, mobilising, monetising, moralising, mortising, mossing, motorising, mousing, moussing, multiprocessing, musing, mussing, nasalising, nebulising, necrosing, noising, nomadising, nondecreasing, nondiffusing, nonplusing, nonplussing, nonprossing, nonusing, noosing, nosing, novelising, nursing, obelising, obsessing, occidentalising, officialising, opposing, oppressing, optimising, organising, orientalising, osmosing, outblessing, outclassing, outcrossing, outcursing, outdressing, outgassing, outguessing, outkissing, outpassing, outpressing, outraising, outsing, overarousing, overdosing, overdressing, overexercising, overexposing, overimpressing, overpassing, overpraising, overprasing, overstressing, overusing, oxidising, ozonising, paganising, paradising, paralysing, paraphrasing, parsing, passing, pausing, peising, penalising, percussing, perfusing, perusing, phagocytosing, phasing, philanthropising, photocomposing, phrasing, pissing, pleasing, poetising, poising, polarising, polemising, posing, possessing, possing, postprocessing, practising, praising, preaddressing, preadvertising, preblessing, precessing, precising, predeceasing, predisposing, preexposing, prefocusing, prefocussing, premising, prepossessing, preprocessing, prepurchasing, pressing, prestressing, presupposing, prevising, prising, prissing, processing, procompromising, professing, prognosing, progressing, prolapsing, promising, proposing, prosing, prossing, provincialising, pulsing, purchasing, purposing, pursing, qunatising, raising, rasing, reaccusing, readdressing, realising, reappraising, rearousing, reassessing, recessing, rechoosing, recompensing, recomposing, recondensing, recrossing, recursing, recusing, redemising, redressing, reenclosing, reexpressing, refocusing, refocussing, refusing, reglossing, regressing, reharnessing, rehearsing, rehousing, reimbursing, reimposing, reinfusing, relapsing, releasing, relicensing, remising, rendezvousing, reopposing, repassing, rephrasing, reposing, repossessing, repressing, reprising, reprocessing, reproposing, repulsing, repurchasing, rerising, retrogressing, reusing, reversing, revising, rinsing, rising, roosing, rosing, roughhousing, rousing, ruralising, russianising, sacerdotalising, sanitising, sassing, satirising, schmoosing, schussing, sclerosing, seising, semitising, sensing, showcasing, sinicising, sobsrising, solarising, solecising, sousing, spousing, steeplechasing, stenosing, stressing, stripteasing, stylising, subclassing, subendorsing, suberising, subleasing, sublicensing, submersing, succussing, sudsing, suffusing, summonsing, superimposing, superposing, supervising, supposing, suppressing, surceasing, surmising, surpassing, surprising, sussing, synapsing, synostosing, tawsing, teargassing, teasing, teleprocessing, televising, tensing, tetanising, teutonising, theorising, thrombosing, tossing, totalising, tousing, traipsing, transfusing, transgressing, transposing, trapesing, traversing, trellising, trespassing, trussing, tubectomiesing, unamusing, uncasing, unceasing, unclosing, uncompressing, uncompromising, uncrossing, underdressing, underexposing, underleasing, underpraising, undressing, unenterprising, unharnessing, unhorsing, unhousing, unimposing, unionising, unloosing, unpleasing, unprepossessing, unpromising, unsurprising, untrussing, upraising, uprising, uprousing, uptossing, urbanising, using, utilising, valorising, vamoosing, vamosing, vaporising, velarising, ventriloquising, vernacularising, versing, vising, vitalising, vocalising, vowelising, warehousing, windlassing, wirelessing, wising, wissing, witnessing, womanising, woopsing, wordprocessing, yessing,

'sing' + Suffix

singable, singapore, singe, singed, singeing, singely, singer, singers, singes, singhalese, singing, singingly, single, singled, singlehanded, singlehandedly, singlehandedness, singleness, singlenesses, singles, singlestick, singlesticks, singlet, singleton, singletons, singletree, singletrees, singlets, singling, singly, sings, singsong, singsongs, singular, singularises, singularities, singularity, singularizes, singularly, singularness, singulars, singulary, singultus,