English Irregular Verbs: What is an English Irregular Verb?

Summary: A look at English irregular verbs and the free download available from UsingEnglish.com.

English regular verbs add -ed (or -d if the end with the letter 'e') to form the past tense and past participle. English has a lot of irregular verbs, which don't follow this pattern. Some don't change at all, others change completely, or change letters in the middle. Unfortunately for the student, there are a lot and they include many of the commonest verbs.

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About our Irregular Verb List

As our intention is to build the most complete list of irregular verbs possible, we have included many verbs that are not very common or rather archaic. It is an organic growing guide to as many of the English Irregular Verbs as we can find. 'Betake' is not used much nowadays. If you want to check usage, search for that verb in the Dictionary page of our website. We are aiming to give you a complete list, not a guide to current usage here.

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