Intelligence pills

Type: Multiple Choice & True/False

Level: Beginner

Category: Health & Medicine

Questions: 7

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Intelligence pills

Some scientists have predicted that healthy adults and children may one day take drugs to improve their intelligence and intellectual performance.  A research group has suggested that such drugs might become as common as coffee or tea within the next couple of decades.

To counter this, students taking exams might have to take drugs tests like athletes.  There are already drugs that are known to improve mental performance, like Ritalin, which is given to children with problems concentrating.  A drug given to people with trouble sleeping also helps people remember numbers.

These drugs raise serious legal and moral questions, but people already take vitamins to help them remember things better, so it will not be a simple problem to solve.  It will probably be very difficult to decide at what point a food supplement becomes an unfair drug in an examination. 

Comprehension Questions...

Q1 - Only children will take pills to improve their intellectual performance.

Q2 - Intelligence pills are already as common as coffee or tea.

Q3 - Coffee is as common as tea.

Q4 - Students could have to take intelligence drugs tests.

Q5 - A sleeping pill helps people remember numbers.

Q6 - Vitamins to help people study are illegal.

Q7 - Food supplements are unfair.