The ZX Spectrum

Type: Multiple Choice & True/False

Level: Intermediate

Category: Technology & science

Questions: 10

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The ZX Spectrum

In April 1982 a British company, headed by Sir Clive Sinclair, launched the ZX Spectrum computer on the market and sparked an IT revolution.

The tiny black computer with its rubber keys ignited the home computer age both in the UK and elsewhere, which led to an boom in computer manufacturing and developed software programmers whose talent is still evident today.

The ZX Spectrum was the brainchild of the entrepeneur Clive Sinclair, who had previously developed one of the first cheap and slim pocket calculators. The Spectrum was Sinclair's fourth computer, but was by far the most successful.

For many people, the ZX Spectrum was their first experience of using a computer and it soon gained a loyal following. In fact, it would not be a great exaggeration to credit Clive Sinclair and his ZX Spectrum with almost single-handedly creating the IT industry in the UK and providing the first learning tools for the programmers who shape today's video games and information technology.

Even today, there are programs being written for the Spectrum, though it has not been made for years.  The computer was so successful that there are many nostalgic users all over the world, who look back on this machine with great affection.

Comprehension Questions...

Q1 - The ZX Spectrum had an ordinary keyboard.

Q2 - The computer had a great impact only in the UK.

Q3 - The impact of the computer is still noticeable today.

Q4 - Clive Sinclair had not worked in electronics before making the computer.

Q5 - He only made computers.

Q6 - A lot of people had not used a computer before they bought the ZX Spectrum.

Q7 - The IT industry in the UK owes a lot to Clive Sinclair.

Q8 - The computer was influential in the area of video games.

Q9 - People are writing programs for it because the computer is still on the market.

Q10 - Many people have fond memories of this computer.