Type: Multiple Choice & True/False

Level: Intermediate

Category: Health & Medicine

Questions: 10

Instructions: Read through the text below, answer the questions that follow, then click on 'Grade Me!' to view your score.


Shambo, the bull at the centre of a three-month legal fight, has been killed. After a positive test for TB, an order was made for his slaughter, in keeping with the law. However, the multi-faith community where he lived went to court to try to save him as he was a sacred animal to Hindus.

A High Court judge said that the order to kill him was unlawful, but the decision was overturned in the Appeal Court. Police had to be called in as worshippers had formed a human shield around the animal to stop him being taken away. Opinion is very divided on the issue- some believe that he was a danger to the national herd and needed to be killed, while others feel that religious beliefs should be respected and the community had offered to provide sufficient measures to ensure that he would not infect any other animals if he contracted the disease as they planned to isolate him. The authorities cut through the security fence and led the bull away. The following morning they announced that he had been given a lethal injection.

The debate on the issue is unlikely to end with the death of Shambo and may widen into a debate about the policy of killing cows that test positive for TB.

Comprehension Questions...

Q1 - Shambo lived in a religious community.

Q2 - The community did not do much to try to save him.

Q3 - The case went to more than one court.

Q4 - Police went in because there were violent protests.

Q5 - Everybody feels that he needed to be killed.

Q6 - The community wanted Shambo to mix with other animals despite the TB test.

Q7 - Shambo was definitely ill with TB.

Q8 - The authorities entered the place where Shambo was kept without any problems.

Q9 - Shambo was shot dead.

Q10 - From now on, no cows that test positive will be killed.