Child Labour

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Child Labour

Child workers, some as young as 10, have been found working in a textile 1) __________ in conditions described as close to slavery to produce clothes that appear destined for one the major high street 2) __________.

Speaking to a British newspaper, the children described long hours of 3) __________ work and threats and beatings. The company said it was unaware that clothing intended for its 4) __________ had been improperly 5) __________ to a 6) __________ that used child labour. It further announced it had withdrawn the garments involved until it had investigated the alleged 7) __________ of the 8) __________ code it imposed on manufacturers three years ago.

The discovery of these children working in appalling conditions in the Shahpur Jat area of Delhi has renewed concerns about the 9) __________ by some large retail chains of their 10) __________ production to India, recognised by the United Nations as one of the worlds's hotspots for child labour. According 11) __________ one 12) __________, over 20 per cent of India's economy is 13) __________ on children, which comes to a total of 55 million youngsters under 14 working.

14) __________ in the West should not only be demanding answers from retailers about how their 15) __________ are produced but also should be looking into their consciences at how they spend their money and whether cheap prices in the West are worth the suffering caused to so many children.

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