Japanese tsunami dog and owner reunited

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Japanese tsunami dog and owner reunited

A dog that was rescued after spending three weeks floating at sea after a huge earthquake and tsunami has been reunited with its owner, who recognised the dog when she saw a TV news report on the rescue on Friday.

The dog was found by a Japan Coast Guard crew on a roof drifting some 1.8km off the coast of one of the worst-hit areas along Japan's north-east coast.  The roof that the dog was found on is believed to have broken off the house and been washed out to sea by the retreating waters of the devastating tsunami.

The two-year-old dog called Ban had an emotional reunion with its owner at an animal care centre where it had been taken to be looked after.  Local media reported that Ban immediately jumped up and was very excited when the owner appeared. "We'll never let go of her," said the owner, who wished to remain anonymous.

Comprehension Questions...

Q1 - The dog was rescued by helicopter.

Q2 - The dog spent three weeks at sea.

Q3 - The dog was rescued by the owner.

Q4 - The dog was found by soldiers from the army.

Q5 - The dog was found floating on a roof.

Q6 - The dog showed no emotion when the owner arrived.

Q7 - The owner told people her name.