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One day whilst searching Google I stumbled across a site called The Language Key, a monthly self-study business English magazine and language training centre in Hong Kong.

When I browsed through the site I stumbled across a review of dating from April 2003. After emailing the editor (Chris Durcan), he sent me a copy of it, and I was pleasantly surprised! Read it in full, below:

If English is not your first language and you want to understand it better, is the place to go.

The site is divided into several interesting areas: an English language
discussion forum; an archive of articles about ESL; a grammar glossary;
links to other ESL sites, and more.

The grammar glossary is the most comprehensive I have seen on the Internet.
The definitions are very clear and to the point.

People whose first language is English participate in ongoing discussions
at the forum. These discussions provide a great way for those studying
English to observe how English is used by people whose first language is
English. Every day there is a range of topics for all English speakers from
beginners to teachers. The forum is well managed and the discussions are

If you have a question about English grammar, usage or vocabulary, you can
submit your question at the 'Ask a Teacher' area.

Thank you Chris! :-)

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A nicely written review, but then it is very positive.

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