Article Word Frequency Analyser


We have added a Word Frequency Analyser, which can be found in the Members' Area. All you have to do is copy and paste some text into the box and click on the Calculate Now! button.

It will generate a number of lists.

1) Overall statistics

Total Word Count
Total Unique Words
Number of Sentences
Average Words per Sentence

Plus two readability indices:
Lexical Density
Fog Index

2) Word Frequency List
This gives a list of the individual words used, together with the number of occurences, also expresseed as a percentage, and the number of syllables. The default list is sorted alphabetically, but it can be resorted by frequency.

3) Word Length Breakdown
This shows how many words there are of 1\2\3,etc, letters. By default frequency is shown, but it can also be sorted by tength.

4) Detailed Word List
This gives the breakdown of words by how many letters they have and lists the words.

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