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We have recently had a number of posters in our weblogs who have been leaving the message 'Nice site' and leaving a URL to an unacceptable site, pornography mostly.

We are notified when comments are added, so we can generally delete them very quickly, and ban the IP responsible. It is possible that the occasional one might slip through the net. If you ever do come across one of these links, please tell us as we do not want such things on our site and apologise in advance if this happens.

We have removed the option to post up a URL, which will make the blogs less interesting to them.

Sadly, pornography is a huge industry on the internet and very persistent in sneaking in and trying to leave links to their sites. As we are an educational website, we do not accept these practices and are doing everything we can to make it difficult for them to post links here.

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Well done! By the way, do you feel similar attention should be paid to posts regading personal political stances (i.e. China) and personal religious beliefs (i.e. the 'Quran')?

I think that maybe we should try to dissuade them. ;-)

I agree. The forum is for English language discussion.

We have changed the settings and they can't post their links up any more.

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