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It has become obvious that the current membership systems are causing confusion amongst a small proportion of our visitors.

I have had numerous emails from people saying that they can't log in, and I suspect that this is due to requiring you to register more than once. Being a member of the forum does not automatically give you access to the Members' area, or vice versa.

[UPDATED - 26th April 2005]

Our membership system has now been changed. Please see this page for more information.

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I'm having problems in logging in. When I try to log in there appears a message as "Sorry, but that e-mail address is already registered to a user." although that mail address belongs to me.

If you are having problems, it is important that you tell me as much information as possible. Please use the contact form at to email me your details.

In order for us to help you, we would need to know which part of the site you are trying to log in to, and your user account details.

**** Please DO NOT post these on the site! ****

I'd like to know how to sign out.


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